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Creating the "impossible"

Looking to produce an immersive experience to grow your brand?

Need to build a digital activation, but don’t know where to start?

Want to create a crazy-technical event, but don’t know how?

We’ve got you covered.

What We Do

Here’s a small list of what Impossible Works can do for you!

Immersive Experiences

From movie-set quality Escape Rooms to experiential activations, we do it all. We’re not talking AR/VR. We mean full environments where visitors are an engaged part of the story.


We specialize in participatory storytelling reaching across multiple platforms that engages the audience in new and unique ways. We work at the cutting edge of storytelling.

Custom Productions

We’re the go-to experts in
non-traditional productions.
Large-scale webcasting, remote productions, projection mapping, hologramming, event software and much more.

Bespoke Solutions

Having trouble with an idea and was told it was impossible or would cost way too much to develop? Let us help you solve your event-based problems.


Let us engineer a solid solution for your event technical issues. Mixing creative thinking and new technologies helps us make the “impossible.”

Crazy Ideas

To break out from the crowd, you can’t do the same thing everyone else is doing. Let us help you ideate and deliver the next “big thing” that moves the needle.

Some of our Clients

Here are just a few of our happy customers:

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